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Breville BJB840XL Product Review

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Breville BJB840XL is comparable to breville bjb840xl juice and blend reviews.

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August 24, 2011 My husband and I watched the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and decided we were ready to make changes. I had been eyeing another Breville juicer way before seeing the doc, but after we decided we were going to go for it I started to do some serious research on machines and models. Beginning on the Breville site, we watched videos of the different models in action, then read reviews across the web and finally decided on the Juice and Blend. Convincing my husband to pay extra for the blender was not easy but our house is on it's third stand alone blender this year, and our current one was on it's last legs when we were shopping for the juicer. We realized that by getting the J&B we would have two quality machines in one. I make smoothies regularly for my kids, that way I know that even if they don't/won't eat the best breakfasts that they've all had a greek yoghurt and fresh fruit smoothie to get them started in the morning. When the Breville arrived we were EXCITED!!! We started our juicing immediately!! Kale, carrots, beets, spinach, watercress, peppers, sweet potato, celery, cucumbers etc etc etc. AWESOME!! The machine was easy to use and easy to clean--thanks to the nylon brush included by Breville. Juicing for the two of us I had to remember to empty the pulp container several times so that the vegetable flakes did not back up into the juicer. The blender is as powerful as the juicer. Quality parts throughout. I just completed a 15 day juice fast, joined the online reboot community and lost 20lbs. My hands and feet stopped swelling in the night and overall I feel really great! My husband did the juice fast for 28 days, lost 40lbs and the most significant difference for me is that he no longer snores. We have fresh grapefruit and orange juice to start our mornings, and the kids now prefer real fresh juice smoothies without the yoghurt. The machine is a monster and worth every penny. It was and is a great investment for a healthier life!

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****Updated - October 21, 2011***** Thought that I'd post an update for our three month anniversary!! We are now juicing once a day and making smoothies in the blender a few times a week and The Juice and Blend is still the same powerful machine as when it first arrived. I absolutely love both the juicer and blender.The difference the juicer has made in our lives is incredible, I cannot stress this enough. Beyond both of our expectations! The blender is the best that I have ever had the opportunity to use, quality materials, large, powerful. I have not had a problem even blending frozen fruit. Cleaning/staining: I was prepared for stains on the Breville due to juicing beets, carrots, greens etc but did not have a problem until my husband starting making his own juices. When I juice, I immediately pour the freshly made juice into a stainless steel thermos with a tight seal cap then I empty the pulp container by removing the plastic grocery bag that I've used to line and catch the pulp then I rinse all pieces to remove the majority of the vegetable flakes and pop everything into a clean sink with hot soapy water. I always start by cleaning the screen blade bowl, holding it upside down to drizzle dish soap completely around the screen then I use the nylon brush in a circular motion going over both the in and outer side, rinse it off and it looks like new! (I use Ivory dish soap, little to no fragrance, like the clean). This is really the only piece that requires anything other than a quick wipe in soapy water and rinse----unless of course you let everything sit. AHEM! Side eye at my spouse! After my husband started making his own juices, the juice jug and juicer cover with feeder tube quickly developed a permanent 'fog' and the screen is not the same color as when it arrived both of which I attribute to not cleaning or even rinsing the Breville immediately. However since I was ok with normal staining when we made this purchase, this is not a big deal, I just mention it as a heads up for anyone considering this machine. Still happy and satisfied customers!!

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We have had this juice and blend blender for 3 weeks and love it! Every morning we switch from fresh juice from apples/carrots and other fruits to blended smoothies with veggies and fruits. It is so easy to use and clean. It does not take up alot of counter space and it so well made. We own restaurants and make fresh salsa in each restaurant with commercial blenders so my husband was skeptical when I purchased this blender for our home. But he says he cannot believe how well it blends and how easy it is to operate...he loves it and said he is so glad I purchased it! Thanks Breville and Amazon for a wonderful product and easy free shipping!!!